About the agency

BAGI IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. is a licensed real estate agency with many years of experience in the market and with its professional team that is ready to invest all their efforts to make it easier for you to get to your dream property.  

Why choose us? 


Young people with experience and education who are ready to do their best to help and facilitate you in the process of buying and selling real estate.  


We are professionals in our business and due to our knowledge of the market, we are ready to present the property to our clients in the right way and guide them through the entire buying and selling process.  


We will do our best to find the perfect property for you as soon as possible. If you are selling a property, it will be published on our website and on all domestic and foreign portals in order to reach a potential buyer as quickly as possible. 


In addition to finding real estate and facilitating the entire buying and selling process, we also offer construction, upgrading, renovation and turnkey services.