Steel houses

Prefab houses with steel load-bearing structure LGS-SYSTEM (Light Gauge Steel)
The construction system of construction using the latest technology of production of cold-rolled steel profiles. Easy and simple assembly with the LGS-SYSTEM steel load-bearing structure saves time and cost of building prefabricated houses/facilities.

The LGS-SYSTEM has a high relative strength
to the standard construction weight (5 times lighter
from traditional construction with wood, concrete or brick).
It is 100% recyclable and can be re-installed after processing
in new prefabricated houses and other prefabricated buildings.

The material is of inorganic origin and therefore does not rot, warp, crack or break, thanks to the stability of the steel structure. Steel is inert and does not emit gases, steam and does not lead to the development of fungi, as some materials do. Steel is a non-flammable material and does not cause the structure to catch fire.

It is dimensionally stable, because there is no expansion and contraction caused by moisture. Steel production is carried out according to certain system standards, so there are no differences in material quality.

Great savings when building and using prefabricated houses (low-energy and passive buildings can be built).